David Magid, DMD

6 Month Smiles

The 6 Months Smiles system is a modern twist on conventional orthodontics. It is the latest modified approach to straightening teeth using clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. This solution allows you to smile with confidence even during ongoing treatment. It is the most practical and sensible way for adults to address crooked and misaligned teeth.

Six Month Braces - Cosmetic Braces System

  •      Great Results Fast,
  •                        Look Better, Feel Better
  •                                                Lower Cost

The six-month treatment is possible because the appliance uses the latest techniques and technology to align teeth gently, safely, and quickly. The vast majority of cases normally see completion in six months, but a few special and more complex dental problems may take eight at the most. In any case, treatment is timely and the results are evident within the said timeframe.

Advanced Technology That Gets You Great Results

6-month braces integrate standard and new techniques to move teeth comfortably. It eliminates the potential onset of problems like root damage and increases the level of comfort, safety, and hygiene. It is the ideal solution if you need more emphasis on the overall cosmetic and esthetic appearance of your teeth and may also address and relieve bite problems.

Our goal at Livingston Smile Design is to help you achieve a better-looking smile. Call us today for an appointment to learn more about 6-months braces, and if it is the ideal solution for straightening your teeth. Call us now to get started, 973-992-8800 and you will be done before you know it.

The 6 Months Smiles system has created some great results:

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